Five Minute Friday: Celebrate

Well, back to the Five Minute Friday posts. And this is such a perfect prompt to come back on since it is my birthday on Sunday. šŸ™‚


Well, that’s fitting in so many ways.

It’s my birthday on Sunday.

I’ll celebrate by going to the beach.

It’s a huge birthday.

No, it’s not 40, BTDT. It’s not 50, that’s yet to come.

It’s only 46.

But it’s huge.

It’s big.

It’s enormous.

It’s…well, I don’t have time to look in a thesaurus, I only have five minutes.

This is, drum roll, please, my first birthday free from my abusers, my first birthday (ever) when abuse is not a deciding factor in how the day will turn out.

I’m taking the kids to our beach.

The beach that was one of my stepping stones to freedom.

The beach which I was able to tell Zelena I never wanted him to go with us because his presence would ruin it.

When we are there, we have freedom. There is nothing else going on in our lives. There is no school, no unemployment, no fear, no tragic past.

And we will celebrate…more than just another year, we will celebrate the new.

It will not make the future more certain, but we will celebrate the now, the freedom that we have, the peek at hope it gives us.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Patti M. says:

    What a wonderful celebration you will have! But honestly, it sounds like you’re already celebrating how far you’ve come and where you are today, and that is absolutely wonderful!! You deserve to celebrate this and more šŸ™‚ I hope that your day and the coming year is full of celebration, of love and laughter, family and friends. (your 5 Minute Friday friend)

  2. iwillbloom says:

    As a domestic abuse survivor, I heard all of your courage and bravery. I can read, through your words, the pain you have lived through, the bravery it took to tell him ‘No’ and the absolute JOY you now feel, now you’re free. You go girl. Helen xxx

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