31 Days of Five Minute Writes

30fmfKate Motaung is having a month of five-minute writing and, since I’m trying to start interacting with people more, I thought I’d try writing reality. 🙂 Yeah, we’ll see how long my PTSD holds out.

So, essentially, each day you make a FMF-like post for the prompt. It’s also Domestic Violence Awareness Month so some of the entries will be directly related to that.

The link-up is at Heading Home.

Day 1: Calling
Day 2: FMF-Family
Day 3: Capture
Day 4: Embrace
Day 5: Home
Day 6: Possible
Day 7: Love
Day 8: Purple
Day 9: Trust
Day 10: Ready
Day 11: Rest
Day 12: Storm
Day 13: Patience
Day 14: Fly
Day 15: Laugh
Day 16: Green
Day 17: Offer
Day 18: Worth
Day 19: Honor
Day 20: Temporary
Day 23: Joy
Day 29: Sea

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