Day 3: Capture

This is part of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes.


I like to capture moments with my phone camera. They aren’t the best photos but they are memories.

And, whether we’re at the fair

2015 October 03 phone 047

or the dentist

2015 October 03 phone 011

or playing a giant Scrabble game,

2015 October 03 phone 028

there are plenty of things about my kids I want to remember.

2015 October 03 phone 072



Thrifty’s Ice Cream runs,

2015 October 03 phone 067

hair finally so long he can put it up,

2015 October 03 phone 075

or not.

2015 October 03 phone 078

Most of us are that way. We like to take photos, it’s a great way to remember things and to share those memories with others.

2015 October 03 phone 171

The advent of the cellphone has created a new sort of photo, the selfie. Now, I’m not much for selfie’s but that’s really something for therapy. However, something I’m not fond of at all is the way people who take selfies are bashed. I once even heard a sermon bashing people who take selfies, saying it was proof of our inherent narcissism.

2015 October 03 phone 094

Having known far more than my fair share of narcissists in my life I want to say…that’s hogwash. While I do know some narcissists that take selfies, they are few and far between. That’s because selfies have nothing to do with narcissism and everything to do with capturing a moment, like in a regular photograph. Some of my friends post what they are wearing each day, some post moments when they are out and about. I like these photos as much as other pictures my friends post.

I honestly have no idea where this idea came from, that selfies are narcissistic. What’s the difference between taking a picture of yourself doing something and having someone else take a picture of you doing something?

2015 October 03 phone 167

What’s the difference with posting a selfie each day and posting pictures of your kids each day?

2015 October 03 phone 033

Really, people, chill on the selfie takers. I happen to love to see my friends. Stop shaming them. It just makes you look petty. And, goodness knows, I don’t have time for petty people. And if you take selfies, post away. Don’t let other people’s need to be judgmental steal your joy.


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