Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD…


The Bible makes it pretty plain what God thinks about lying and liars.

  • “…a false witness utters lies.” Prov 14:5b
  • “Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices.” Col. 3:9
  • “…A liar pays attention to a destructive tongue.” Prov 17:4b
  • “…He who tells lies will perish.” Prov 19:9b
  • “…no one who practices…lying will ever come into [heaven]…” Rev 21:27

It is a serious matter to lie, so serious that liars are not allowed into Heaven.

I’m not gonna beat around the bush here,because I’m really not eloquent enough to do so.

Corrie ten Boom must not be in Heaven. She lied, as did her whole family and several of her Christian friends.

And, of course, all those people who claimed to be Christians and yet helped slaves illegally escape their owners before the Civil War. I guess we can add stealing to their list of sins, as well.

Oh, yes, how about modern day Bible smugglers? And those who go into closed countries to secretly, against the law of the land, proselytize?

Liars. I know, I’ve read their stories. I’ve read their stories to my kids. I’ve praised them and their efforts to spread the Gospel knowing full well they had to lie to do so.

Guess I’m in trouble as well. I promote lying. And if, for whatever reason, the government decided that some group of people needed to be rounded up and put into camps, I’d lie some more.

What’s that? Those lies are all justified? How?

Well, OK, I’ll give you the preaching one. The New Testament was pretty clear that lying to preach the Gospel was OK.

Oh, wait, no it wasn’t. The preachers in the New Testament preached openly, even when they were told to be silent, it’s why they ended up in prison and martyred.

So, I guess, what missionaries need to do is to walk into Iraq, proclaim the Gospel to ISIS, and pray that God converts them before the terrorists torture, rape, and cut them into pieces.


Well, how are we supposed to keep from lying and yet…?

What’s that? It’s OK to lie to save a life? Really? Are you sure? Because I think the commandments are pretty clear.

But, if you say so. It’s OK for me to protect people by breaking God’s solemn command?

Funny you should think that.

The church, as a whole worldwide, mostly does, I do know that. I have been following the persecuted church since I learned about it way back in the Cold War. I saw a whole lot of lying going on.

I also watched “Hiding Place” way back then, as well. (The shovel scene still makes me queasy even after all these years.) I saw Christians die with lies on their lips, refusing to give up the people they were protecting to the government.

All these people are commended to me by even the most staunch conservatives. They are to be emulated and given due praise.

But these same people believe the exact opposite when it comes to abused wives. Abused wives cannot break God’s commandment and get divorced, even though it will save their lives and their children’s lives.

Somebody please explain the difference.


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