Day 12: Storm


(This is part of 31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writing)

My brother and I are a good case study in why, when life has always been horrible, does one chuck their faith, and the other cling to it all the more tightly?

We are 16-mos apart, both raised under severe abuse. My brother is an avowed Atheist and a pretty severe God-hater, and a hater of all His followers, as well. The evil he’s done as a result of his hate makes me unsympathetic toward him, but I do wonder why he chose his path over continuing to trust in Christ.

When people ask why I’m a Christian after everything I’ve suffered at the hands of other Christians, I tell them that their behavior is not God’s behavior, that not all people who claim to be Christians are, “not all Israel, is Israel.” It’s simplistic to some, but after I started to really read God’s Word I found a God unlike the one my abusers presented and affirmed what I’d always suspected.

Yesterday I heard an interesting description of those who turn away as a result of the things my siblings and I suffered, they basically hinged their faith on someone, as if they thought that person was Christianity. And when that person betrayed them, they associated all Christianity with that person.

This is why it is so important that our faith is in God, not in those around us. It can’t be in our spouse, our parents, our pastors, or our friends.

But if our faith is in Christ alone, and, I apologize, I can’t tell you how to know beforehand except to be constantly examining your heart for idols, when the storms of life come, we will be hidden under His Wings and protected from the spiritual fallout that trusting in man necessarily brings.

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  1. carlybenson says:

    This is interesting- it’s something I’ve been thinking about: why suffering drives some people to God and drives others away. It is so important that our faith is in Jesus and not in people, even good people. I love the graphic at the start- Psalm 91 is one of my favourite Bible passages.

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