Day 13: Patience


Ugh, I had such a difficulty with this prompt. And today’s is not much better, at least not for my creative juices. I’m not entirely happy with how this turned out, but here it is, a day late. Thanks for being patient. ;P



Patience is a tough one for me. It’s always been difficult to be patient. I have a lot of reasons why, but we’ll save those for my therapist.

I’ve gotten better at patience since I left Zelena. Without that constant agitation, things that used to bug, don’t really seem to much. It’s gotten worlds better since I gave up my bitterness. Man, I can hardly tell you. It’s a weird feeling not to be all wrapped up in that.

I haven’t gotten much better in the area of driving. Not sure why not. I try, but I usually fail. There’s just something about other drivers that I let set me off. I say that I let it, because I don’t know these people from Adam so I have no idea why they are driving so slow, like 25 in a 45 lane. It’s not usually because they are setting out to annoy others.

Patience with God is the big one I’m working on right now. Learning to trust beyond what I can even have faith in is a stretch. Learning to wait on His timing is emotionally painful.

As another court date looms I am reminded that each time something like this has happened Zelena and his parents have worked deceitfully against me. And I ask God with the Psalmist, “How long, O Lord?”

Is this simply a working out of my patience? It seems like it might be, but I’m not astute enough to know. Maybe it’s something else entirely. On this side of things, we don’t get the privilege of that knowledge. And maybe that’s actually the point.


(This is a part of 31 Days of Writing.)

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