Day 18: Worth


Do you know what the sickest, most twisted thing about abusers who claim to be Christians? Their entire purpose is to make sure that you do not realize your worth in Christ. It doesn’t matter if it’s your spouse, your parent, your pastor, if you are around someone who is making you feel worthless, you are around an evil person. Anyone who tries to make you think God hates you, or is cruel, or has created you to suffer, is trying to turn you away from Christ. And if a person is trying to turn you away from Christ…well, be honest folks, turning away from Christ is turning toward the devil and evil.

This is the part those who think that abuse at the hands of Christians isn’t really that bad fail to recognize. The abuser not only wants to destroy your body, he or she wants to destroy your soul as well. There is only one spiritual being who wishes a human beings destruction. An abuser has a boss, and it isn’t God.

People who truly love you will desire that you see yourself as God sees you. They will encourage you to find your worth in Christ and His work for you. They will not insist that you put themselves above all else, even God. Only one spiritual being wishes to be elevated above God…if you are with someone who wants this, it is obvious whom they serve.

We in the church need to open our eyes as to what is going on in abusive relationships. It’s more than an angry person or a manipulative person or a liar or a person who refuses to care for their family. This is a spiritual battle, and the spoils are the souls of the abusers victims. If we are truly worried about souls, we will take domestic abuse far more seriously than we currently do.

If you find yourself wondering about your identity in Christ, maybe, like me, you didn’t grow up hearing from your parents that God loves you, or maybe, also like me, you ended up in an abusive marriage and an abusive church, where your identity in Christ was stripped from you and now you have no idea, I found this “chart” very nice. I also encourage you to get into Scripture, starting with the Gospels. Really examine Christ’s words and actions, in light of Himself, not in light of Paul, or Augustine, or Horton.

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