Day 19: Honor


If you’ve spent much time here, you’ll know I’ve had a life-long question which no pastor I ever asked had an answer for, namely, how do you honor your parents when they do nothing honorable? In my case, both my parents abused my siblings and myself from a very young age (my paternal grandmother told me she witnessed my brother, in particular, being beaten regularly before he could even crawl…why she did nothing, I’m still dealing with).

So, of course, today’s prompt ‘honor’ forced me to re-visit my question. And, well, what better way to either find an answer or make myself terribly depressed, than to google it?

I found a good article that gave me a good answer. I particularly liked this quote:

You can honor them by accepting them for who they are, not expecting change, and letting them live their own way in peace, but at the same time honor yourself and your own right to live in peace as well. Which means choosing NOT to be in their presence when they are abusing you.

PS To be fair to my current pastors, I have not asked this question of them. I gave up asking hard questions of pastors a long time ago.

This part of 31 Days of Five Minute Writing. October is also National Domestic Violence Awareness month.

3 thoughts on “Day 19: Honor

  1. Good question- I don’t have an answer but I like that you ask the hard questions. I like the quote from the article- I think that’s a good answer and I think it is important to honor yourself as well.

  2. I had the same problem with honoring my parents from the prompt since I was abused by both of my parents. I don’t have to deal with them because they both are passed on but I had some tough questions for God and finally came to the same conclusion. The were both sick individuals that did the best they knew how to do. 🙂

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