Five Minute Friday: Dance

Well, there’s a prompt just for me. 🙂 I’ll try to be nice.


The word dance will always make me think of my boys. It was such an integral part of our lives for so many years. Even now, Farmer Boy would rather go to a ballet than a movie. And don’t even get me started on sports. A few of them played for a while, but it never held their interest the way ballet did.

2015 January 19 192

It isn’t easy being a boy ballet mom. You have to deal with the inevitable questions that no one would ever ask a girl mom. You have to deal with odd looks and comments from even people in the audience. And, sadly, you have to deal with homophobia.

2015 January 19 195

Before I was confronted by a pastor and elders in a church I attended several years ago about their fear that my boys would all be gay simply because they danced ballet, I thought homophobia was a term invented by the “liberal media.” I mean, seriously, who would be afraid of a gay person? It seemed absurd. But then it was there in my face. The whispers I’d heard for years leading into this conversation became screams and I couldn’t deny it anymore.

10 November 2014 phone 354

It still seems so odd to me. If perfect love casts out fear, why are Christians afraid of anyone? I mean, if a person was trying to kill you, I get that. But to be afraid of a person because he or she has different beliefs or lifestyle? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I had to wonder, after that conversation, how many people do we block out of the Kingdom by our fears?


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  1. Betsy says:

    That makes me sad for you. I haven’t personally experienced that, but I see the way it touches people I love. It has been one of my focuses in my girls’ upbringing to teach them to love others as God loves us. That means unconditionally. We aren’t called to judge their sin, we have our own to deal with, we are called to love them.

    1. sarasamomx5 says:

      Well, it was a learning experience. God gave me a much nicer, more loving church as a result. 🙂

  2. carlybenson says:

    I think it’s great that you have supported your boys in doing ballet when that has obviously been something they’ve enjoyed, and I don’t see what doing ballet has to do with being gay. It’s sad when people are threatened by people who are different from them, and especially that Christians’ attitudes towards people can sometimes be a barrier to them getting to know God.

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