I used to like to read. I don’t think that’s a secret. But I haven’t finished a book (except maybe a few fictions) in about 20 years. I could never focus enough to even remember what I had read the day before so I’d re-read until it became tedious, and give up. I blamed myself. I was stupid. I was lazy. The usual, you know.

In my attempt to figure out what I actually like, I decided to give reading a try again. Like I said, I’ve read, but I haven’t retained or finished. Now, though, it’s a whole lot different. While I’m still scattered as far as my reading goes, I can actually remember what’s happening in each book, what the non-fiction books are about, and what I already read.

So, here’s the list of what I’m reading now. I have so many because I never know what mood I’ll be in. Also, two of the books are really emotionally intense and I have to set them aside sometimes and go read an article in LandLove (my new favorite magazine) about swans migrating from Iceland to England. 🙂

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bookmobydickBook 1: Moby Dick. I’m reading this with the kids because they’ve seen that ad for the new Chris Hemsworth movie too many times. I thought that Spock would love it. He’s a huge fan of Jules Verne and 20,000 Leagues is his favorite book. But he’s actually having trouble following it. Of course, it doesn’t help that he falls asleep for the last few paragraphs each night. 😉 I didn’t expect MG to like it at all. Maybe it’s the language of it that he finds interesting. I know that’s what I like. Though, if Melville were to write it today, he’d be accused of breaking his Thesaurus. 😀

booksearchformeaningBook 2: Man’s Search for Meaning. I started reading this because one of my favorite musicians posted that he had started reading it. I looked it up and it sounded interesting. A forward and recommendation by Harold Kushner didn’t hurt at all. I’m about half-way through the book and, at this point, I will say that this looks as if it will become the most important book I’ve ever read apart from the Bible. Sometimes, these whims I have turn out to be good things. 🙂

bookunbrokenBook 3: Unbroken. This is one I keep setting aside. I did for a very long time, obviously, to only be half-way through, but it is the one I picked up again when I decided to try reading. Right now it’s gathering dust because they are about to be captured and I need to psychologically prepare myself. What I like best about it, after the fact it’s about a guy from Torrance, is the writing. I sometimes find biographies either a little TMI, or really boring. I like all the description and detail in the book But, then, that’s what I like about Melville as well. Maybe it’s because I have such a hard time with that sort of thing in my own writing.

bookawindBook 4: A Wind in the House of Islam. The kids and I are reading this. We only read small sections a few times a week so it will take us forever. We are still in Indonesia, even though we started reading it during our prayers for Muslims during Ramadan. We finally convinced MG to skip all the statistics at the beginning of the book, or else we’d probably still be reading that part. Anyway, this book has a great deal of history that has really impacted my worldview about things that are going on today between Muslims and the West.

bookfarmacologyBook 5: Farmacology. I bought this at Whole Foods in Santa Rosa last year during the Heirloom Festival. It was another one I tried to start but couldn’t retain. I’ve enjoyed reading it and, while it’s mostly just preaching to the choir in my case, it’s fascinating to see how all the different farms she’s visited operate and learn the farmer’s philosophies. I’m bogged down right now in the whole breast-feeding mire. I might just decide to skip that part and go on. She doesn’t attempt to make non-breast-feeders feel guilty, but these days, with La Leche taking over the world, it can look that way even without trying. (ie. your kid would eat more vegetables if you had just breast-fed him)

bookspiritualparentingBook 6: Spiritual Parenting. While this book started out interesting, I found the second chapter, the one on what the Bible actually teaches, to be, well, I don’t know exactly how I want to say this…her enthusiasm for the Bible stories is good, but I already knew all of it. It really was a primer in Bible stories. I suppose if you have never paid attention in church or ever read your Bible (and far too many people who claim to be Christians haven’t) that chapter will be helpful. Now I have to convince myself the next chapter will be useful before I go back to it. 😀

Well, if you made it this far, I hope you at least found something to read. Leave a comment to let me know what you are reading. I only have 30 books on my “To-read” list on GoodReads as of this writing, goodness knows I need more. lol

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  1. So how have you found a way to be able to read again? I can’t stay focused enough in one sitting to make much sense of it. I usually have to re-read at least one paragraph on a page. I’ve read a couple of books in the past few years, but they had to really be interesting and flow quickly or my mind would wander, even then there was quite a bit of re-reading.

    1. That sounds like exactly where I was. I’m not really sure. I do know I’m not as stressed now as I was before. I think that has a lot to do with it. Stress messes with your memory. You literally do forget more than you remember as a result. 😦

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