Walnut Creek Park

My new favorite magazine, as I’ve mentioned, is LandLove. It’s expensive as heck because it’s imported from England, so this Christmas issue is probably the only one I’ll ever own. But, I digress…surprise.

Anyway…In the Christmas issue there are a few articles on making decorations from things we find in nature. In case you don’t know, there’s not a lot of nature in the suburbs so I searched for some online. I found Walnut Creek Park in San Dimas and the pictures made it look far more hopeful than the usual manicured “nature parks” that are common around here.

We packed a lunch, because there are no fast food restaurants or ice cream trucks at real nature parks. 😉 And ventured out into sub-normal California temperatures (the high today was 59…and Californians have thin blood).

2015 November 27 phone 294

We still wear shorts, though. Californians will wear shorts in a snow storm. Why? Because we’re Californians, dang it. 🙂

Another thing you should know about Californians is that if we see any color besides green or brown, we are pretty much in awe. All it takes is one yellow leaf to make us pause…and try to figure out what season that indicates.

2015 November 27 phone 308

As you can see, the only grass here is wild grass…never been cut.

2015 November 27 phone 318

If it looks like Braniac is crying, it’s because he was. We’re still unsure why, but if he’s trying out pubescent emotions, I’m not going to live to be 50. ;D

2015 November 27 phone 328

This is a nice pool with a really cool rope swing. But, as in most natural water situations here, the pool is too shallow to safely jump into. The kids wanted to come back when it is warm, but, as we all know, there will be zero water then. :/

2015 November 27 phone 331

With those boots, you’d think Babycakes would have made it out with dry feet. Yeah, not quite. I have mentioned his love of water, right? 🙂

2015 November 27 phone 336

And, of course, it wouldn’t be California without graffiti. :/

2015 November 27 phone 342

Mr. Great-heart hasn’t quite learned how to use my phone. 😀

Walnut Creek Park November 2015 from Write and Plant on Vimeo.

2015 November 27 phone 373

Babycakes was very happy to be out. He didn’t even complain about his wet feet until we got back to the van. 🙂

2015 November 27 phone 388

At this point we had to stop and go back, but the kids want to return when we have time to walk all the way down the stream.

2015 November 27 phone 398

This was our collection from the day. We still need some pine cones and some feathers, but we can at least get started on our project.

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  1. carlybenson says:

    Beautiful photos- looks like a lovely day out!

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