The Beauty of Dreams


Round about the time I began reading Man’s Search for Meaning, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across an intriguing photo. The caption with it said that the house in the picture was for sale. “See link on profile.” The house was interesting enough to click on the link and see if there were more photos.

There on Craig’s list was the house at 27 Sugar Creek Lane. 6-acres, an hour out from Asheville, nestled in the side of a mountain, we found our dream house.

Now, of course, we probably won’t ever live in this house, and that’s not even the point of it. The point is that, in order to survive, a person needs something to focus on, a goal that they hope to achieve.

Frankl writes about this extensively in his autobiography. He had to find a dream to live for. In his case, it was seeing his wife again. This kept him alive, gave him a reason to try to stay alive.

As I wrote already, I had lost that ability to dream for several months. The idea that my hopefulness could be used against me nearly destroyed me. It was so bad that the doctor had me take Vitamin D because I couldn’t even go outside. It was just all too overwhelming.

Once I was able to see through all that darkness to something in the future, it changed my mindset entirely. It was very similar to the change I went through after studying the book of Acts, which eventually led to my Salvation, and the change when I went back to the Gospels and read Christ in light of Christ. It has been something that has changed my whole view of everything.

Now, instead of only being able to see all the problems, I am able to look for solutions. (I don’t have any solutions at the moment, btw. lol) If you can keep your eyes on what your future could be, if you have something to look forward to, something to work for, then you can make it through your difficult times.


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