Happy Birthday to My Christmas Baby

This was supposed to be written last week, but Christmas morning our wifi died and we couldn’t get it fixed until today.

On Christmas Eve Eve, Mr. Great-heart and I went to Clark’s. Oh, and Starbucks. (Our deep apologies to all the other Starbucks in the area, but this is now our fave one…because they have softy chairs.)

24 December 2015 phone 008

We went to Clark’s to buy groceries for baking.

24 December 2015 phone 011

Cake baking.

24 December 2015 phone 020

MG loves to bake so he made his own cake…from scratch.

24 December 2015 phone 023

Then I set the alarm.

24 December 2015 phone 030

So we could go shopping at 4:30am at Toys R Us, which is what all normal people do on Christmas Eve, right?

24 December 2015 phone 032

MG likes to buy gifts for his brothers on his own birthday. It is a tradition he and I do each year. He started it the first year he received some money for his birthday ahead of time. His first thought on what to do with his own birthday money was “buy something for someone else.” 🙂

After our purchases were made, we headed off to our traditional post-Christmas Eve shopping destination, Starbucks. Hey, we’ve tried all the other places, and no other place is open at 5am on Christmas Eve. Oh, well, their loss.

24 December 2015 phone 035

Then we went to Stater Bros to get food coloring.

24 December 2015 phone 045

And MG made the icing for his cake.

24 December 2015 phone 053

He was going to make yellow, originally, but Spock was sick so MG chose orange because orange is Spock’s favorite color. Yeah, he’s sweet like that. 🙂

Then he decorated his cake with sprinkles and vegan chocolate chips.

24 December 2015 phone 059

24 December 2015 phone 060

Then I wrapped his presents. Yes, I upcycled the Toys R Us bag. It was actually easier than wrapping paper, though next time I’ll make sure to double up on both sides of the box so they can’t see through it.

24 December 2015 phone 068

Then he finally got to open his presents.

24 December 2015 phone 096

And build a Lego.

24 December 2015 phone 100

The he loaded up the cake with 12 candles.

24 December 2015 phone 105

The End

24 December 2015 phone 107

2 Comments Add yours

  1. moreatforty says:

    What a sweet boy. I love the rituals for his birthday…and the fact that so much of it centers on doing for others. I’m really trying to work on that with my DD, but it does not come naturally to her. 😦

    1. sarasamomx5 says:

      His love language is gifts so it comes easily to him. He’s had to work to get his brothers on board. But, yeah, my other four are not so easily taught this. 🙂

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