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Over at Kate Motaung’s blog, she’s having a link up for folks to post their favorite blog entries they read in 2015. This one is difficult for me because, generally speaking, if I find a blog entry I like, I’ve just found a blog I like. I read all the other blog entries, then forget why I even found the blog in the first place. So, I’ll do my best, but I’d rather just link to the blogs themselves. 😀

One of my fave writing blogs I found during NaNo last year was Writer’s Write. Amanda’s blog entries are concise tidbits which I can read quickly and, if the occasion demands, chew on them the rest of the day. One of my fave’s I read this year was Make Me Care–Nine Ways to Ensure an Unforgettable Read. At least, I assume it was. I bookmarked it on my phone. But I can see why. #6 is one I’m really working on. I have a story I’ve been working on for a few years, but right now it’s just in pieces because, well, Fantasy Quests is kind of an overdone trope, if anyone’s keeping track. And, while I’m no JRR Tolkien, I’ve read enough of these books to know what I want and what I don’t, but I definitely need to try to make it sound new. I don’t want to sound as if I’m copying all the other writers out there. It’s probably the most difficult thing about writing, honestly. Because I’ve noticed that even when I don’t intend to, I end up copying something I’ve already read.

At Latoya Edwards blog I found 7 Bible Verses about Being Thankful in Hard Times. Yeah, it resonated, for some reason. 🙂

My new fave blog is Becoming Minimalist. I am, by nature, a minimalist, but I have allowed myself to become caught up in the trappings of things like most people around me. In January, they are going to have a course on implementing a lot of minimalist ideas which I am looking forward to. One of my favorite posts so far is A Helpful Guide to Becoming Unbusy. I am far too busy. Even without ballet, I have allowed myself to put too much on my plate. There is a good busy, busy that is productive, like farming busy, etc, but I am not that right now.

At Imperfect Families I read The Absolute Best Way to Respond when Your Child’s Acting Out. I am trying to learn more about positive parenting and have found that most of the principles are what I thought already, but had no idea how to implement since, as most people, I was raised with punishment as the only possible discipline. This article discusses making connections with our kids, both before and druing their “tantrums.” And points out, something I’ve noticed, that making these connections cuts down on the conflict.

Sugar Mountain Farm is one of my favorite farm blogs, mostly because they have pigs. :)I actually found them when we were fostering Wanda and Pietro and I needed information on feeding and weaning. As with Amanda at Writer’s Write, Walter Jeffries posts short, easy tidbits of information I can read quickly. I like that in a fact based blog. Too many facts, and my brain shuts down. Which is why I hate school, but that’s another blog I need to write. 😀 Anyway, this brief entry on culling, and the reasons for it, is helpful if you are interested in breeding, or just want to understand why it’s done. And I’m just not sure why everyone isn’t. 😉

The next two entries are “how to’s” that I hope will be helpful. The first is from Attainable Sustainable and is How to Plant a Seed. If you’ve been planting a while, this probably seems odd, but we all had to start some where and there are a lot of people just starting out now who want to grow but are terrified and think they can’t because they killed plants in the past. Hopefully this article will help.

The second is one I just found at Wake the Wolves. The Perfect One Pot Meal sounded as if it was just another recipe, but this one actually explains the how and why of placing your veggies and meat into the pot. Loved it. I might never need another crock pot recipe again. 🙂

OK, now for the intense stuff. For those of you who don’t read my blog but have stopped by from the link-up, I write a lot about abuse and some about divorce, because I was abused, and now I’m getting a divorce. I am also a Christian and, sadly, the majority of Christians are still uneducated about these topics. There are several blogs out there that write on this subject. One that talks about divorce is Divorce Minister (hard to tell what that’s about, eh?). He has so many good entries that it was difficult for me to choose so I picked the one on a subject that I encounter most in the church and the world, Shared Responsibility Lie. Shared responsibility in divorce is believed broadly. It is what I was raised to believe, it was preached to me from the pulpit (still is, sadly), and it was why I thought everything in my marriage was at least partially, if not all, my fault. The truth is adultery, abuse, addiction are all the main reasons for divorce, and those are caused by one individual putting himself or herself above their partner, their family, and God. It doesn’t matter how perfect you are, if your spouse wants to cheat on you, they will It’s that simple.

The most helpful to me this year was a series of entries by Carly Benson at Life in the Spacious Places. In October, for the 31 Days of Writing, she wrote about healing from abuse. It’s not an easy subject to write about. Most in our society want to sweep this sort of thing under the rug, so I am grateful she was open about her abuse and the healing process.



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  1. carlybenson says:

    Thanks for linking to my series, Sara. I’m so glad you found it helpful. I enjoyed checking out some of the other links as well.

    1. sarasamomx5 says:

      You’re so welcome. I’ve enjoyed your blog a great deal. Very helpful and encouraging. 🙂 Have a wonderful New Year.

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