New Year, New Self

Weird title, I know, but I was going to simply type “January 1, 2016,” but that was too boring. πŸ˜‰

This morning, I read Eph. 4:24 in my devotional.

Put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

As I thought on that verse I realized that I had skipped part of my homeschool planning last summer. It was so stressful at that time that it never crossed my mind to choose a verse for our school for the year.

I have found it interesting how similar being delivered from ones sins (salvation) and being delivered from an abusive relationship are. When I was saved, four years ago this past week, I experienced my first taste of true freedom, particularly freedom from fear. Slowly I saw that I was becoming a new person, just as Scripture had said.

When I was delivered from my abusive marriage, I didn’t really count on the changes that would occur in me. I thought that, sure, I might not have the panic attacks every time I came home. And maybe I’d be able to focus on something besides finding a way to keep Zelena happy.

A radical personality change was not in my plans at all. I truly didn’t notice it until I took one of those spiritual gifts tests several months after I left, simply because I read something that made me think, gee, I think something has changed. I was so surprised at the change that I went and took another Myers-Briggs test and discovered that a few other aspects of my personality had altered.

When God delivers us from sin and slavery (and, trust me, being in an abusive relationship is both sin and slavery) we are re-created, we are made new. The old has truly passed away.

So, I think, while I do not normally have a verse of the year, that this one fits our situation perfectly.

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  1. carlybenson says:

    I love how God makes things new and that you have noticed such a difference. I suppose being freed from fear releases you to be your true self. I feel that my personality has changed too. This verse sounds like a great focus for the new year.

  2. Amy Riker says:

    Hearing of your growth causes me to pause and reflect.

    I haven’t taken any true personality tests recently, but I do fall prey to those Facebook “tests.” I love them because they come back with words like: positive, optimistic, happy. Six months ago, I was anything but.

    His re-creation is amazing. I’m grateful for changes in me, and grateful for changes in you.

    – Amy

    1. sarasamomx5 says:

      When we allow God to work in us, He always makes us into something beautiful. πŸ™‚

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