It Happens Every Time


Every time I so much as think of pulling back, even a little bit, it happens. Doesn’t matter if I consider taking a break, or ponder if I ought to post more happy-happy posts like stuff about homeschooling or my kids cute little stuff, or wonder if at some level writing this out isn’t actually hindering my progress…the reality of what I’m fighting for, and against, is dumped in my lap.

Sometimes it’s in the form of a friend who is still in her abusive marriage telling me the latest, and sensing her fear of the future, other times it’s the knowledge that for another friend this really could come down to life or death and wondering exactly what I can do when all I have are half-way founded suspicions, and other times it’s in the story of a beautiful older woman who is still suffering from PTSD from the abuse she received decades ago, that is so far in her past as to make people think it really oughtn’t matter anymore.

Today it came in the form of a collection of the sins of The Gospel Coalition all in one place. (Hat tip: Divorce Minister.) Now, I’ve only recently started naming them instead of just vague and general references. I know what I stand against by doing so. But, frankly, seeing it all in one place like I did today, makes me realize that I don’t freaking care (yes, I wanted to use the other word) what their supporters say. They can honestly take a flying leap.

I don’t care how much good this group of “pastors” supposedly does, it cannot outweigh the damage they have caused and continue to cause through their teachings. Sadly, very few on the right will openly admit this. It has to come usually from folks on the left. (And people actually have the nerve to ask me why I’m not conservative.)

I cringe when any of my pastors quotes one of these men. It makes me nervous. It makes me pause. Am I in the right place? Is this place going to inflict more damage? Would my kids and I be safer just packing up and heading to our beach each Sunday morning?

These are real issues to someone who has spent a lifetime under abuse, and the majority of it directly or indirectly under the teachings of these men.

I encourage you to take some real time to read each and everything posted. View the videos. Ponder the implications, and the downright creepiness of most of it. Then, ask yourself…

If this was another group, say a liberal group of pastors headed by Rob Bell, would I still attempt to defend them? Would I still say, well, what they’ve said and done isn’t that bad, look at all the good they’ve done?

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  1. Thanks for the pingback. I’m right there with you. When I started my blog, I was only interested in working through the theological weaknesses of complementarian belief. I never planned to write about these things. But once I started noticing the pattern I began to dig deeper. And the deeper I went, the more I realized my silence would be nothing short of complicity. Thanks again for reading and for linking to my post.

    1. sarasamomx5 says:

      Well, thanks for posting it. It was helpful to have it all in one place.

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