Five Minute Friday: News


I will continue with my series on The Parable of the Sower tomorrow. Today is Friday so I’m linking up, as usual, with Five Minute Friday.

The news is not good. A quick scroll down my Twitter feed is all I need to prove my point. Christians coming out in droves to vote for Donald Trump, a bully and unrepentant adulterer. Christians promoting organizations that support people like CJ Mahaney and Doug Wilson. Christians going on the radio to teach other Christians that if their teenager comes out of the closet the child should be kicked out of the house and onto the street.

I’m not a huge Amy Grant fan (read: I don’t like her music at all), but when I see this I think of an ancient song of hers, “What about the Love.”

Something’s wrong in Heaven tonight
You can almost hear them cry
Angels to the left and the right
Saying “What about the love?”

Last night I went out with Spock for our mother-son date night. We had a deep conversation about what I consider to be the greatest evil (but more on that another time). I shared with him that I want him and his brothers to be champions for the marginalized, the outcasts from the church. And, despite what you might have heard, adulterers and bullies and criminals are no longer necessarily among those. The news shows that those people are the accepted and the tolerated. Their victims are those who are now marginalized. They are the families and victims of Christian institutions covering up child abuse. They are the spouses told they must remain married to unrepentant adulterers and abusers. They are the asexual or homosexual teens shunned by their church and family.

But how do I know all these things, all this bad news? Because someone was brave enough to report it. Which is the good news. The good news is that there are people willing to speak up and not be silent in the face of these travesties. There are organizations and individuals who are committed to the truth. I hope that my kids will grow into those people themselves. And I pray that I will be able to prepare them to not lose faith in the face of all the bad news.

7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: News

  1. Yes, it can sometimes feel like we are surrounded by bad news but the good news is that God is still in control of all things and He can be trusted with our lives. He provides for us in all circumstances even in the craziness. It looks like crazy and out of control but He is always in control. (Your neighbor at #FMF) Happy Friday to you!

  2. So true. Sometimes those who speak truth are the brave ones. They may not look like the Old Testament prophets, but I think the gifting is similar.

  3. There definitely is a lot of bad news out there. I’m thankful for the good news of Jesus in the midst of it all. And it is good news, as you say, that there are people who are willing to speak out and attempt to make a difference.

  4. I love that you are emphasizing this:
    “I shared with him that I want him and his brothers to be champions for the marginalized, the outcasts from the church”

    as an outcast in her own right (thankfully not for abuse but for other issues), thank you!!!! I guess I am more talking about what I call the “fringe people” – those who hang out at the edges of church because they want to be a part but they just don’t know how or where they’ll ever fit in.

    1. Same thing. Some people, for whatever reason, don’t know how to crack whatever that code is that gets them close to others, gets them as active in the church as they desire, brings them into the type of relationships they long for. We assume relationships come naturally, but to many, well, we just don’t have what it seems everyone else does.

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