Rennsday Randomness


Wow, it’s a Rennsday post. It’s been a long time since I did one of these, but I had a good reason for it, namely to share a bunch of blog entries and blogs I recently found. This week will focus on abuse. Next week I’ll drool over all the permie blogs. 🙂

So, first, for the usual Renner frivolity…that pic? It’s wallpaper. Unfortunately it’s only computer wallpaper. I mean, can you imagine? Jeremy Renner wallpaper? I’d never leave my room. ;D

Second, for those who are new here, I have a thing for Jeremy Renner, as an actor. Don’t know much about his personal life, if I did, and he turned out to be like most actors, I would never be able to watch half my DVDs again. 🙂 So, I live in the blissful ignorance I refuse in real life. I know, that’s backwards isn’t it? We’re supposed to know everything about actors and be blissfully ignorant of the people and leaders around us, right?

Third, man have I been reading some really great blogs lately. They are so good, and they make me feel like an insignificant pipsqueak amidst the voices raising concern over issues in the church. (I still will, call it my open therapy…no, you can’t ask for a service fee for reading my blog.)

  1. The Wartburg Watch. Please don’t ask me how I found them. James might have told me about them. I might have seen them on another person’s Twitter post. I don’t know, but boy are they good. Want to know the latest on Mark Driscoll (shudder)? They had a great post on the lawsuit and the allegations. Oh, and he’s starting another church. Yay. (grumble, curse, retching noises) I do think Driscoll would approve of this entry. It’s a very manly post, what with all the Godfather references.
  2. Sparking Conversation. Nate Sparks had a review of a book called Black and White Bible, Black and Blue Wife last week. It’s about how complimentarian teachings lead to abuse…which is exactly what I experienced my entire life in the church. But I’ll get more into that this coming year. He also had an interview with the author, but I haven’t worked up the courage to read it yet. I’ve been posting disturbing pastor quotes from the book on my Instagram.
  3. Found Wondering Eagle the other night on Twitter. He has some great stuff to say regarding abuse in the church. I loved this quote “The greatest threats to the gospel are not external, instead they are internal.” And I can never thank him enough for turning me on to Disturbed. 😉

Well, I think I’ll leave it at three blogs this week. Maybe I’ll make this a weekly thing with my Rennsday posts. Like how I just gave myself an excuse to have a Rennsday Randomness post each week? 😀

Finally, for the new song this week…Got this off my Spotify Discover Weekly. You Are There by Sherri Youngward. It’s off the Scripture Songs: Volume Two album. Never heard of this? Maybe you listen to too much Christian radio. 😉


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