A Few Thoughts before Easter

Those who passed by derided him, shaking their head… ~~Matthew 27:39

I look forward to the Good Friday service at our church each year. The worship and the sermon are good and thought provoking. This year, having just spent a day with an atheist friend of mine, my thoughts were focused on how Christ was mocked.

Not because my friend mocks me. Though, she probably thinks I’m nuts to hold fast to my integrity when, for all intents and purposes, I ought to curse God.

It is because of that, the idea that, from outside the faith, holding onto my faith in God is always seen as foolishness, I focused on the mockery.

See, my testimony gives the world a reason to mock Christ. It is, I believe, the reason that you won’t ever hear a testimony like mine in a church. Pastors are afraid of testimonies like the one I give.

Sadly, they are not afraid enough to actually do something about it, to actually stand up to abuse, or to adulterers, or to anyone.

Those who see me deride my faith. They mock God.

We have made God a mockery by covering up for people like the Duggars, by ignoring the sins of people like Tullian Tchividjian, by making excuses for people like James Dobson, and by embracing people like Mark Driscoll.

When we turn our backs on the victims of abuse and adultery, we commit sins that even the world finds offensive.

We give them good reason to mock God.

We can sing all the praise songs we like, we can tithe our 10%, we can stand on street corners and preach, but as long as we continue to throw the victims under the bus while embracing the abuser and the adulterer, it all means nothing because we mock God ourselves.

But Scripture is clear that God will not be mocked. And we are now reaping what we have sown…a huge turning away from anything remotely Christian by the world around us. Children who come of age and walk away from the faith that they have found to be nothing but vain words, hypocrisy.

And yet, for some reason, we continue to put a spin on the things these people do and attack anyone who dares point it out. (I know this from long experience. I was trying to say stuff about Driscoll and Dobson long before it became popular…is it popular to point out Dobson’s grievous errors yet?)

I don’t even have an answer for this problem, except to be honest about the crimes and abuse these men perpetrate. But the majority of the church refuses. What are a few small voices when the big ones continue to mock the God they claim to serve?


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