Rennsday Randomness



I like beards and I cannot lie. ;D

Not much to say on the Renner front today. I did come across a great comment about the most recent DC movie, Batman vs Superman (or is it the other way around?). The person said they were “versus weary.” I thought that described the situation perfectly. All the Avengers movies have been essentially “versus” movies, and now they’ve dragged it into the realm of my beloved Cap. 😦 But, I don’t expect anything else from Hollywood. They don’t know how to do anything but produce the same thing over, and over, and over…

Last night’s Flash was great. Glad I stayed up to watch it. Almost wasn’t, though. At the end. Barry asks Iris when she’s going to move on. In explanation for those who, for whatever reason, character flaw? ;), don’t watch The Flash:

Less than a year ago, Iris’ fiance’ had to kill himself to save the world, and Iris had to watch.

In the real world, this is called severe trauma, and the fact that Iris can still function and go to work each day and hasn’t gone postal would be something to be commended. But in Hollywood world, trauma is something that apparently should only last one episode. Hence, there’s a lot of “when are you going to move on” and “get over it” crud. Hmmm, that sounds a lot like most churches. But I digress…again. (I swear that will someday be the name of my blog.)

But what he said after that stupidity (well Barry’s voice-over of the final scene) was worth watching the entire show from the first episode:

Sometimes the only way to move forward is to revisit the things in your past that were holding you back. You have to deal with them head on. No matter how scary they may be.

That is pretty much what I’ve learned over the past couple weeks. My post last Tuesday, finally getting baptized, all of these things that have forced me to look at what was holding me back, have been dealt with head on, and I have been freed from the power they had over me.

Good article in Time about the investigation into Sovereign Grace Ministries pedophile scandal. As must be pointed out, we Protestants crowed with pride when Priests were finally outed. “We told you so,” was a common refrain. Turns out, it probably should have made us more aware of the abuse around us. Also turns out, many churches are just as bad as the Catholic church.

In the article it is pointed out that churches need to report this to the police immediately. However, many churches actually have policies in place to hinder this. In one of my former churches their official policy on the matter is that you must report it to the consistory and they will investigate.

But I’ll write more on all this later as it deserves a full entry. I definitely don’t want to bury that. And, it gives the idiots time to come up with a new policy, which I truly hope they are doing.

See Zootopia. Seriously. Best kids movie ever.

I got spoiled on Easter vacation. Is it summer vacation yet? πŸ™‚

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the IE? Yeah, today I was driving down to the farm (yeah, we have farms here still) to take Farmer Boy his lunch. And ahead of me was a truck with a pig in the bed. The pig was munching away on a bag of feed happy as anything. As if riding around in the back of a truck was what he did all the time. πŸ™‚

Pigs rule. OK, not in the Animal Farm sense. πŸ˜‰

So, this Saturday, the kids and I will be up at O’Dark Hundred to get ourselves all set up at the Pomona Farmer’s Market by 7:30. Come on down, local folks. It’s on the corner of Garey and Pearl. We’ll have produce and meat and jams. I might even be awake for it all.

I’m very proud of FB for taking this step. He’s been getting up and getting to work on time. And I don’t think it can be a bad thing to be working with R. πŸ™‚

Currently I’m looking into two things I think the kids and I can do here at the house along the line of Farmer’s Market sales. Will let y’all know as they develop.

In closing, here’s Zootopia, Shakira, and my theme song. ;D Oh, crud. I watched it. Now I want to go see the movie again. πŸ™‚

Have a great Rennsday.


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  1. Carly says:

    Great quote about facing things head on. I’m so pleased you’re knowing greater freedom by doing that. And I love the song and the video- I really want to see Zootopia now!

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