Of the BuJo, Time Management, and My Need for a Nap

I had planned to write on a different topic today, but I never got around to it. I have a good excuse, though: I really need a nap. OK, that’s not the main excuse, but it did have to do with being really tired last night.

Wednesday night is a long one. We have AWANA and we are not home until after 9pm. By the time I get into bed it is after 10. Last night I didn’t fill out my BuJo for today, reasoning I’d do it this morning, forgetting that I don’t get up until 6 on Thursday.

Follow that? You get a nice award if you did. 😉

What’s a BuJo? you might be asking. Well, the BuJo is a system to make a simple notebook into your own custom daily planner. I’ve had many planners, but I’ve hated every single one. They always had too little of what I needed, and too much of what I didn’t. The Bujo doesn’t have one page, or even two pages, for each day. It has as little or as much space as you want.

Here’s a link to the creator’s explanation:

This has been a very helpful system to me. Basically I just write down what needs to be done each day, then transfer it to the next if I don’t. I can also keep lists in it and find them easily with the Index in the front.

There are some extremely active BuJo communities on Facebook, and they are helpful. Most of those who post, though, are far more artistic than the creator shows, but that’s the beauty of it, you can do what you want. I’ve been trying my hand at doodles that represent one thing I have to do each day.

I didn’t used to be a list person. I was always aggravated that my list wouldn’t get done. But most of what I’d tried to do was either a forced list, like a planner, or it was just a list, and ended up becoming chaotic and I would have a difficult time finding older things. The BuJo system has worked greatly for me.

One of the people whose BuJo is the greatest inspiration for me is BohoBerry. I loved her before she shaved her head. (Long story, kinda You can ask me about it some time. :D)

Here’s how she sets up her month. I use a lot of her page ideas:

As you can see from her daily pages, the day starts where you left off, and ends where you end. I like that a lot, though my days usually end up being a full page anyway, but I know I can go more if I want, because it’s open.

Anyway, as I was saying, I didn’t write down today’s list. I never even got around to it. We were out all morning and by the time I got home, there didn’t seem to be much of a point. Which meant…I forgot a lot of stuff.

I’m not sure how other people are, but I’ve never been able to stay focused without intentionally staying focused. So, I finally got home by 1, got the kids busy with a chore, and truly forgot everything else. :/

So, lesson learned, and I will be far more together tomorrow.

Tonight, I just have to deal with the guilt.


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