Five Minute Friday: Decide


Oh, yay, an excuse to talk about my favorite TV character: Regina Mills.

I find it odd that Hollywood, of all places, can craft a story about repentance so much better than a lot of Christian sermons. It’s almost as if they know that true repentance has to do more with actions and less with words.

Regina was, well, bad didn’t seem to cut it, so her nickname is the Evil Queen.


The story of her decent into evil is sad, but not an excuse. OUAT has the ability to craft a good story with great character development and they have shown how each character became either good or evil.

It always came down to a decision.

In each episode, the characters get to decide to choose good or evil.

In the beginning, Regina chose evil because she had been betrayed, because her mother had abused her, because her life had been destroyed.

But over time, she saw that her evil ways were driving her son away from her. So she had to decide if she would continue to choose evil because of her need for revenge, or if she would choose her son, and her relationship with him.

She decided on the latter.

Each day she has to decide. Each day there is a decision to choose to do good, to stand up for what’s right, to bring an end to the evil, or to allow her anger to control her once again.

With each decision for good, for fighting for what’s right, Regina grows stronger, more self-confident, more loving.

It’s been a beautiful thing to watch.

OUAT has presented folks with a picture of true repentance. It’s not perfection. It’s not a life of ease. Everything isn’t all happy, and all the people around her haven’t suddenly decided to become good because they have watched her change.

People around her still decide for evil, and Regina still continues to fight against them.

It’s that way in the Christian life. We decide to fight the evil or join it. We decide to turn from our selfishness and self-love and do what’s right for the sake of those we claim to love.

If a person doesn’t, “I’m sorry,” is just a phrase out of context. If a person claims to have come to Christ, yet does not love, only abuses, then that person is  liar. A person can always say they have changed, but the proof is in their actions.

Hollywood seems to get that. I wonder why so many “Christians” don’t.

It’s too bad, too. When a person decides to truly turn to Christ, they are made into something beautiful.

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One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Decide

  1. Good illustration. It is a choice every day between following our selfish desires or following God, and if our faith is real it should make a difference as we allow God to change us. I love that song too.

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