Braniac’s Birthday

Hey, I’m only a week, or so, late. Been busy.


Braniac turned 9 years old last week.. I had everything all planned out, things to do (go to Painted Dough, go see Zootopia, make Waffles for dinner) and actually had all the gifts bought. Except, apparently, I forgot the most important one, and now I have deep mom guilt. *sigh* Which, of course, gave me no encouragement to write. *bangs head against wall*

So, a bit about him, since I don’t spend a whole lot of time talking about my kids here (they are probably very grateful for that).

B was my first healthy baby, after two near deaths and one auto-immune disorder.  Still had him into the paed-neurologist his first year, though, due to some marks on his face and his brothers’ histories. Fortunately, they turned out to be nothing. So we haven’t had an excuse to go to Disneyland for any Sturge-Weber meet ups, I’m sure his bros would be bummed if they knew. 😉


So here’s B just a few hours old, with Farmer Boy. How the years have changed. Now B smiles for the camera, and FB glares. :/

B was my first (and only) to break a bone. I guess that’s what he gets for being “normal.”



The broken leg was what started the long hair craze. I didn’t want to cut it and risk getting clippings inside the cast, so I guess you can blame me. 😀

Around the time he was four, he fell madly in love with Ariel. Yes, the mermaid. And each subsequent princess since then. Of course, Ariel is who he is going to marry. Though, he seems quite taken with Judy Hopps at the moment so…:)

Here’s a pic with him and Belle on his 7th birthday.


(As you can see, he did have short hair for a time, while he was in school. It’s probably the basis of his fear or returning to school. :D)

He’s also got a thing for giraffes. 🙂



B is also a vegetarian. Has been since he was four when FB told him that his hot dog was made from a cow (his second favorite animal). Not a bite of meat since.

This year, B, along with most of the rest of us, got baptized on Easter. That’s Farmer Randy doing the baptizing. Braniac asked him to do it. 🙂

Heer Easter baptism 014


He also made the local paper. 🙂

I decided to do one of those mom interviews with him so I could see if anything changes by next year, because something did change this year, something huge…The Little Mermaid is no longer his favorite movie, it’s Zootopia. What can I say, he’s all about “girl power.” 😀

Favorite Movie: Zootopia
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Game: Monopoly
Favorite TV Show: What’s New Scooby Doo?
Favorite Day: Easter
Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla Moose Tracks
Favorite Food: Swiss Chard
Favorite Present: Disney Princess Ball-pit.
Finally, I asked him whom he’d marry when he grew up. He’s the only kid I ask that question of because the answer is amusing, this year it was doubly amusing: Probably Ariel (The Little Mermaid), because I don’t think I can marry a bunny (Judy Hopps from Zootopia).

Well, there you have it. Not the best birthday ever (since Mom forgot the most important gift) but hopefully not too bad. 🙂

Happy Birthday to my princess loving, animal rights acitivist, veg, feminist, compassionate, hippie, non-conformist, tree-hugging, Jesus freak nine-year-old. I hope you keep being who God made you to be.

2016 April 13 robbys birthday 447


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