Oh, yay, another season of OUAT. That is said with the most bitter of sarcasm. I mean, killing off Regina’s love by basically obliterating his soul so there’s no chance in Hades he can come back? I was so mad, I didn’t even watch the season finale.

But, apparently, I have masochistic tendencies when it comes to TV viewing (doesn’t everyone?). So when the kids turned the show on, I plopped myself down on the sofa with them.

For everything I was frustrated with…having to watch Rumple kiss Belle, and Emma…ugh Emma…but I’ll get into that momentarily…it ended on a better note than I could have hoped.

1) Looks like Belle is going to stick to her guns this time and Rumple is going to have to put up or shut up. I have waited for this moment soooooooooo many years. All it took was the realization that her child wanted her to not fall for his father’s lies…again…to finally be strong enough to tell Rumple to go suck eggs.

The point I liked best was that it was her kid. So often in cinema and in the church we are told that it’s best to “stay together for the kids.” That’s a crock. Kids who are raised inside abusive families have a higher risk of drug abuse, teen pregnancy, and suicide than kids whose parents remove them from the abuse.

2) Zelena. Oh, ugh, Zelena. What a witch. Yeah, we all know how I feel about Zelena (check my cast of characters) but last night I was actually almost ready to let her slide. Regina opened her home to the witch (which I will call her so as not to offend my more sensitive readers) and she seems grateful at first. OK, if I can accept that Regina has changed, I can accept that Zelena has changed…only, of course, she hasn’t.

Snow encourages Regina to talk with Zelena about what’s bothering her, get it out into the open, deal with it. Great advice…if you aren’t dealing with a sociopath…and Zelena is a sociopath.

The conversation occurs at the spot where Robin was annihilated. And Zelena proves in an instant, as all psychos do when confronted, that she still thinks of herself as the center of the freaking universe. She’s whining like a baby…me, me, me, me, it’s all about me. While Regina is obviously suffering with her memories. There’s no apology on Zelena’s part, no “I’m sorry my stupid decisions led to your true love getting his soul obliterated.” Nope it’s still all about Zelena, who leaves in a huff, taking Robin’s baby with her.

Regina, however, is so much stronger now. And in the end she has a good talk with Snow, admitting to her finally that she realizes she was truly evil to Snow when Snow was a little girl. Snow tries to dismiss the confession, but Regina will have none of it. Of all the characters in this show, Regina is truly the most transformed. I love Regina to bits, and hate the writers to more bits for making her suffer…All.The.Time.

3) Emma. Now we turn to the least changed character, as was evinced last night. What the @$!#/^&* is wrong with this woman? All this time and she has yet to truly learn her lesson. Makes her little pouty behavior when she learned what her parents had done with the Dragon’s egg so hypocritical. And I, for one, am tired of it. Told the kids I now officially ship Regina and Hook. Emma doesn’t deserve him anymore.

Look, I get it being difficult to trust, but Hook and her parents have more than proved themselves time and again, so it’s time for her to either grow up, or release these people, especially Killian, from relationship.

#1 quote: It was going to be Belle telling Rumple she wouldn’t make a home with him, but then Regina spoke…have I mentioned I loooooove Regina?

“I want to start a new story. One where the Evil Queen doesn’t get a part. And I choose to believe that this story WILL have a better ending than my last.”

***Makes heart eyes at Regina.***


(Gif here)

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