31 Days (give or take) of Questioning Everything

Yeah, it’s that time of year again. Time when people who blog regularly, or not, try to write for 31 days straight. Last year I found a really great blog during this month:  Life in the Spacious Places. Please go check it out.

This year I’m going to make an attempt at this. This year, the PTSD is (mostly) under control. This year I’m working full-time and then some. This year I’ll be happy to get maybe 10 of these done.

I’ve been wanting to discuss my questions that I have about Christianity. Not God, mind you, but the religion. Particularly the Protestant side of things since that’s what I grew up in and still am in. Most Christians do not like to be asked actual questions about their religion I’ve noticed. And I have some questions about that as well.

I’m going to try to use the prompts over at Creative and Free, but I might not always.

I’ll add to this page as I go along, maybe even change the description since I’m writing this in an utterly exhausted state. Did I mention I’m working more than 40 hours? Did I mention I work those 40 hours mostly at night and still have to get the kids around? Yeah, I’m a bit tired. 😀

Day 1-Walk


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  1. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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