New Year blah blah blah

I really don’t get New Year as a holiday. Seriously, what’s the point? I do have a few honest friends who have said it’s just an excuse to party, get drunk, etc. As days go, New Year is pretty boring.

This year it falls on a Sunday. If you live in SoCal you understand the significance. This means the parade will be on January 2nd, not the first. Good thing since it’s been raining here all day. 

If you work retail, the New Year means no difference except it will be dull at work. Some people like that. I hate to be bored so I will try not to lose my mind.

New Year also annoys me because it’s the only time of year people are encouraged to be introspective. That’s really something we ought to do every day. In some cases every minute. 😉 As one commentator said, why wait until January 1st if you need to change something? Do it now.

So, way back when, the kids and I joined a gym. Further back I started writing again. Less farther back I started thinking about where our food comes from. And less farther than even that I determined to finish four books a month (finish, not read the whole thing in a month, I don’t know if I could do that. :D) I’ve also been practicing my own version of The Minimalists one month program where you get rid of one thing on day one, then two on day two, etc, for a month.

In short, I don’t do New Years resolutions anymore because they are almost always destined for failure. I determined some time back to change things as I saw they needed to change. 

Why wait? What exactly are we waiting for? January 1st is no different a day than February 18th or August 9th. If you know something needs to change, change it. 

Besides, everyone is making New Years resolutions today, and who wants to be like everyone else?

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