Build the Wall

Do you have any idea where your food comes from?

That seems like a strange way to start a post about PEOTUS Trump’s proposed wall across the Mexican border, but it’s about the most important question to ask.

Where does your food come from? And, more importantly, do you know why your produce and other food products are so cheap? And, even more importantly, if you are a Conservative who voted for Trump, did you even take into account how this long desired wall is going to affect your pocket book?

Let me just answer for you,

Question 1: No
Question 2: I have no idea
Question 3: No
Questions 4: No

Don’t lie, those are your answers. Shoot, the answers to the first two questions are the same as any random Liberal would answer.

This is a topic we discuss a lot in our home. Where is our food sourced from? How were the animals treated? How were they raised? How were the people who work for the farms treated? And, more importantly, what are we willing to do/sacrifice in order to make sure the food comes from places that match our values?

This is absolutely nothing you’ve probably ever thought about, because it’s just not on our radar. I thought I did, until I got into the Service Deli at work and, well, if working in food service doesn’t force you to truly think about where your food comes from, nothing will.

It is currently very popular to rally around the cause of ending human trafficking. It’s not an unworthy cause, but in religious circles, the only trafficking discussed is sex trafficking. That’s easy. See, it’s easy to fight something that most would deny affects them. (Of course, most Christian men also say that they aren’t looking at porn so I doubt seriously that an end to sex trafficking would not affect Christian men…but I digress.)

It’s simple to stand on a street corner in Pomona and claim to take back the streets from prostitution. It’s simple to call for an end to selling human beings for sex.

It’s difficult to realize that when you buy that Hershey’s bar or that chocolate cake you are part of the trafficking problem, not part of the solution. It’s difficult to realize that when you go out to eat, your table is probably bussed by someone who is working for a pittance under the threat of deportation if they report any negative working situations like sexual harassment, etc. It is difficult to realize that the salad you paid next to nothing for at the grocery store was harvested for consumption by men and women in the same position.

It’s difficult, because we honestly don’t care.

Christians are a people of a forced positive mind-set. So we don’t want to hear about actual suffering. Especially suffering that is in our own neighborhoods that we can do something about. It upsets us and if Christians are good at anything, it’s avoiding things that upset their happy little pockets of life.

It’s easier to talk about prostitution, and about the slave trade in, oh, Indonesia or Pakistan, because those are things we are not actually affected by. Yet, at the same time, we can feel important by discussing how awful it is that these things are going on.

Then we turn around and say about our neighbors, “Well, those people should have come here legally and they wouldn’t have to worry about slave wages and conditions.”

Yep, because that’s what Jesus would have done. I can see it, can’t you?

Come to me all you weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest…unless you crossed a border illegally. Then, well, screw you. But, if you abuse your wife it’s OK to come to me, just so long as you’re a legal citizen. But, if you rape someone it’s OK to come to me, just so long as you’re a legal citizen. But, if you’re a serial killer it’s OK to come to me, just so long as you’re  legal citizen.

The Gospel according to Conservatives.

Build your wall…with your tax money (what, did you think it was going to be free?)…shut out the people who make your life affordable. And above all, don’t think about it.

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