Actually the Same Side of the Same Coin

I am (maybe) fortunate, that I have sat on both sides of the political aisle. Born and bred to be a rabid Republican, the type that believes that if you are Christian you are a Republican and if you are a Democrat you are going to hell, I fully endorsed the party line from an early age…and I mean early. People still look at me weird when I talk about the Cold War, as if because I was merely a child at the time, I missed the whole thing.

From an early age, Democrats were considered Communists and they were the problem with our country. Our country would be in better condition if Republicans, and pure Capitalism, were running things.

Every problem, from unemployment to racial strife, was all the fault of Democrats. (And Nixon was not a criminal, he was a victim of others he associated with.)

Now, after a closer examination of life and facts, I find myself on the opposite side, wondering how in hell (aside from intense brainwashing) I ever believed that way.

As a result of having believed both ways, along with a lifelong pastime of watching politics, I now find listening to Democratic pundits amusing.

Take today for example…but, first, I must go back several years.

It wasn’t too long ago that the Republicans lost big in a Presidential election year. They lost the White House, and a whole lot of other houses as well. And when the Party reps made the interview rounds with the TV news hosts, the answer to the question “what went wrong, how did you lose?” was always the same.

“For too long we have allowed the Democratic Party to shape the debate/how we are viewed/how we (insert whatever).”

Never a mention of how out of touch with real people the RNC has been for, well, longer than I’ve been alive. It was never their fault.

In hindsight, this was probably the beginning of a deeper questioning of Conservatism that lead me to leave the party for good. (I had made a foray into Liberalism earlier, but it was short lived.)

Flash forward to this morning on NPR. A woman from the DNC was being interviewed and was asked the same question all those RNC folks had been asked before…and her answer was exactly the same.

I’m not entirely sure why, in the seconds before she answered the question, I thought she was going to acknowledge that the DNC made a huge mistake in not listening to the people who had rallied around Bernie Sanders. But, I did. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, I knew that what I had believed before, that the DNC was just as out of touch as the RNC was true. And they are just as big liars as well.

So, in four years, when unemployment has skyrocketed, as it often does under Republican rule, and the poor are again without healthcare, and the few services they were getting are even less. When that wall across the border is completely non-existant, because there is no way Mexico is going to pay for such a thing. When the White House is more a laughing stock than it has ever been. When the few Conservatives who can think finally begin to realize that PEOTUS Trump is nothing more than a sick, twisted narcissist, the DNC will vomit out another Clinton-type for us to vote for, because, in the end, all the DNC cares about is all the RNC cares about…being in power.

What, did you really believe that Clinton and Trump care about you?

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