No Jesus Christ


In case you don’t know, I have an affinity for the music of Seether. Or maybe it’s the lyrics that drew me to them. I’m not sure if, like one of the other favorite musicians, Katy Perry, they have a history with the church, but their lyrics indicate they do. And none better than the song “No Jesus Christ.”

In this song, Seether describes perfectly the relationship between the predator and the church. Namely, the predator pretends to be one of them, and the church turns a blind eye.

You’re so quick to choose the path walked by the righteous
So you can go and nest among the weak
The innocent observers will refuse to find the lie within
Renew the disappointment of the meek

And there we have it. The best lyrical explanation of the horrors that we find occurring, unhindered, in the church. It’s why a man like Keith Kroeker can do what he did, yet still be honored in death.

And it’s never going to change. Even if the horrors that happened to Erin Kroeker and her children were to happen in your own church, you wouldn’t be changed. You wouldn’t start doing something. Your pastor wouldn’t seek to teach people to watch for predators. Because you refuse to see the lie. You don’t want to see the lie. Maybe you might want to ask yourself if you aren’t the lie.

Jesus said the meek were the blessed. The church does not bless the meek, it makes their lives even worse. It puts them out of the inner circle when they suffer at the hands of the predators within its walls, extending compassion to the evildoer.

This is nothing new. I’ve watched it all my life. It was happening before. It will always happen. Makes me wonder why anyone would bother with the church when it is so obviously opposed to protecting the sheep that Christ commands them to.

Your verbal defecation I can’t wash away despite myself,
Your vanity it seems has served you well

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