Yesterday’s News

When I wrote my post yesterday I looked for a domestic abuse murder to add to my list of atrocities god does nothing about. I left it off because by now I thought people who read my blog should know. I knew full well as I searched that there would be another killing soon. There are just about one a day and the most recent confirmed I could find was from three days ago.

I had no idea it would happen in my backyard…in a SDC classroom like the class my youngest son is in.

Sunday is Easter. And all the religious folk will don their Sunday best, or tanks tops and shorts here in SoCal, and off to church they will go. Locally, pastors will mention the shooting and the deaths and they will use that moment to talk either about how short life is so you’d better make a decision for Jesus today, or they will use it to talk about how Jesus came to save people from that and how we can draw comfort knowing that the dead are with Jesus today and suffer no more pain and grief. He’s wiped all their tears…blah…blah…blah.

Excuse my sarcasm, but the whole thing is making me sick. I grieve for the woman and what she must have suffered with a man who kept promising he’d change. I grieve for the family of the child who was murdered. I grieve for the children who have had what was left of their innocence stolen from them in a single act so evil that there should be actual outcry against abuse from the pulpits.

There will be no outcry on Sunday. There will be no outcry any other day.

The church simply does not care. 

See, we talk about the things we care about. The church is forever silent on this subject. 

And god? The one you have told me my whole life loved me? He has a sick way of showing it. If Jesus truly loves the little children, then how could he allow something like this to happen?

The mental calisthenics I had to go through to excuse god in situations like this…well, I’m done with them. 

Now I can simply grieve. 

There is no greater plan in all this. This is simply useless suffering at the hands of an evil man. 

But as long as the majority of the population believe the former and therefore refuse to do anything about the latter, then this will continue. And tomorrow another woman and children will die, the next day another, the next day another…

Because you really don’t care. 

If you all did, you’d do something. Something as simple as standing in your pulpit on Sunday and telling the men and women and children of your congregation that abuse is a sin and you won’t tolerate it.

Don’t give me your excuses, either for yourself or for your pastor. I’m done with those as well.

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