Since outing myself as an Atheist, I have learned that I have a lot of religious friends. I knew religious people, but I didn’t know these people in particular were actually my friends. Over the past two years I’ve actually considered blocking them from my Facebook because I didn’t know if I could trust them or not. I mean, they never call, they never contact me, and I’ve pretty much spent zero time with them. 

Now, though, it’s different.

Suddenly they have all sorts of concerns for me and feel the need to let me know. 

I’m sure I’m not the first ex-religious person to go through this. But that makes it no better.

See, these people didn’t care about the abuse really, they didn’t care to send even an email when the kids and I were facing potential homelessness, when our electricity was cut off because Zelena didn’t pay the bill for three months, when they learned that we were still being financially abused and there is absolutely no way out of this.

But by god do they care that I’ve rejected their belief system. They are “concerned” and “worried” and “sad.” 

And their thoughts and prayers are with me.

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