Lame Explanations for Trauma

All sorts of people get PTSD. One group is relief workers. And, as I would hope you can understand it’s easy to, well, understand.

Only, I don’t think you truly can.

One thing I’ve learned in my brief 48 years is that most of us just don’t want to know let alone understand. Not knowing is easier. It’s easier to put on a smiling happy face and talk about how amazing god is when you don’t have to acknowledge that real people whom we claim god loves are suffering more tremendously than we can ever imagine.

But there are actually worse people than those who ignore, it’s those who excuse.

For years, basically my whole life minus the three months I’ve been a baby-eating Atheist, I made excuses for god. It was these excuses that were slowly driving me insane.  Really, I’m not kidding. 

Take some time to look at the following picture:

OK. Now that you’ve skipped over it, please bring to mind all your excuses for a god who allows this.

“His parents worship wrong.”

“Her parents prayed wrong.”

“He lives under a godless government and if only the government would turn to God this wouldn’t happen.”

And for us liberals in the crowd:

“God will use this for good.”

“God will use this to change things.”

And my personal fave:

“It’s not god, it’s his people. If they would just obey him and help others…yadda, yadda.”

I say that last is my favorite because if you know me you know I used that one for years. 

In hindsight it’s all foolish. If god is all powerful and all knowing and all loving and allows this sort of shit to happen on a minute to minute basis then he’s at the very least not all powerful. And if he’s all knowing and does nothing he’s sure as hell not all loving.

We make excuses for some reason for a god we only believe in because we were born in a country where that god is the main god. We haven’t truly taken time to ask why we do this.

A person who spends their days helping people like this and suffers from PTSD doesn’t need our excuses for the god we think we believe in. In fact, hearing these excuses can make PTSD worse.

God has a purpose in all this? This is all part of his great plan?

So now it’s not just man being inhumane, there’s a god who’s in on it too. And he let you or caused you to suffer because he’s got some great plan. 

Until I left religion I could not see how traumatizing it was to me to constantly believe that god had a reason for me and my siblings, then me and my kids, in fact, millions of women and children to be abused.

These kids are dying, their parents are dying, and we are living a relatively cosy life spouting that god loves everyone while we think in our hearts one of two things:

1) Those people did something to deserve it. Which loosely translates: I don’t care.

2) God will fix this. Which loosely translates: I don’t care.

Look, I know there are some very kind and loving religious folks out there. They’re the ones who are doing things. And I’m glad these people help others. But, and I said this before I denounced religion, sometimes it’s just best to remain silent or admit your ignorance. Telling people things like this only re-traumatizes them and that is not helpful at all.

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