Rennsday Randomness

Been a while since I did a Rennsday post. I spent a good 15 minutes going through photos and gifs of Jeremy Renner so I could find a graphic.


Yes, yes it was.

For the uninitiated, or the forgetful, Rennsday is a subtle yet overt conspiracy by Jeremy Renner fans to rename a day of the week after him. If you don’t like it, try to fit your fave actor’s name into a day name.

It occurred to me that there are no Jeremy Renner/Dame Judi Dench movies. This should be rectified immediately. There is however a movie (or four) with Judi Dench and Daniel Craig, and there is a movie with Daniel Craig’s wife, Rachel Weisz, and Jeremy Renner. I will have to discuss this intriguing tidbit with my fanfic friends so they can come up with something interesting.

Well, enough fluff.

I’ve been watching a few Christian/Atheist debates and have found it appalling that I was so naive for so many years. I mean, religious arguments don’t even make sense anymore. I realize I believed because in Christendom belief is more important than facts, and so I have a bit of pity on believers, but now it all just sounds so odd.

Here’s today’s debate (not done today, watched today).

Look, I get why people believe. We are told from childhood that this is fact, but, like Barker, all I had to do was begin to think it through, and begin to do the research, and “poof” it was gone. And I get the most people can never go there. It’s actually an evolutionary thing so I understand that as well. Still, it makes about as much sense as most conspiracy theories…And, yeah, I’ll just leave that hanging.

Spock and MG start school tomorrow. So I have like 5 million things to do today to get everything ready, which is why I spent 15 minutes looking through Jeremy Renner pics and gifs.


Yes, yes it was.

I can’t find a date for the speech but I watched an old one by Neil Degrasse Tyson (he mentions Borders and cell phones weren’t a thing) today and he talked about the idea which basically came down to how some people’s brains might still be wired by evolution to not be able to reject religion.  However, the more educated, the less likely a person is to be religious. So I’m still thinking about it.

The school called later in the day and said they’d mis-scheduled MG because the person who gave us the info thought he was in high school so now they won’t start school until Monday. Gives me more time to get stuff done…and look at Jeremy Renner pics.


Well, that was exciting, I’m sure. Will attempt to form less random thoughts later in the week.

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