Modern Organization

Ah, the good old days when organizing my closets and cabinets was my goal and, really, once those were organized it was just a matter of putting things in their place to maintain. *cough*

Once I had kids I had to add not just their stuff but eventually their school papers. I’m pretty sure half the boxes in my garage are old pieces of school made art and a whole lot of spelling tests.

And, because that wasn’t enough, I have tech stuff to organize now too.

I hadn’t thought much about it. I knew there was probably some way to organize everything, besides having it all in specialized groups, but it was never a priority for me.

Of course, now I’m starting school and I can’t be searching for everything on my phone screen, or even on my laptop. So, inspired by my fave guy, Thomas Frank, I decided to get those “small” things organized so I can focus on the big things, like finding parking the first day (I might just ride my bike).

So this is my start screen for my laptop. I actually don’t think I’ve ever used this feature on a browser. It’s much easier than forgetting why I came online in the first place, which is usually what I do. 😉


This is my phone screen. As with the browser screen I have all my most used stuff easily available. The rest is in groups.


One thing I’ve made sure of on both these is that social media is not what I see. While Pet Rescue might prove a problem, social media is far more of a time suck for me. I don’t actually play a lot of games but I can spend a whole hour scrolling mindlessly through tumblr when all I went on there for was to find new pics of Judi Dench.


(That’s for you tayryn. :D)

All in all, let’s face it, this was the easiest organization job I’ve ever performed. If the rest of my organization was this easy, my weekend would have been far more pleasant. 🙂

Watch the video. He’s probably more motivational…though I think that pic of young Judi Dench in Cabaret is pretty motivational. 😉

3 thoughts on “Modern Organization

  1. First – I love you! The picture made me smile (I LOVE her as Sally), and the caption made me laugh!

    Yay on organization. I am quite anal about keeping all my files, photos, and fics in folders… I hate things being cluttered. I like your screens, but seeing all that when I turn on my comp and/or phone would drive me batty, I must admit. I hate seeing icons and such on my screens.

    On the comp tis because of the Judi wallie – I work so hard on making them, to have them covered with icons rather pisses me off.

    On the phone – well, tis the pic of me and Judi, so no icons. That said, the apps used most are on the next page, organized by use, then in folders for the rest.

    But I completely understand the need, and I think tis very cool!!

    Also – Judi as Sally is VERY motivational! And I started on Tumblr for Judi pics as well. 🙂

    1. I’m trying to get better at it. Now that I have a new computer maybe I’ll at least get a start on it. I’m going to be taking notes on my computer for that end. Then I can just have a file for each class and sub files for each date. I’ve also been trying to upload each days pics to Flickr instead of the jumbled mess I used to have.

      I can see why you wouldn’t want to block your screens. 🙂 I was looking for a picture of her wedding day because I love her dress, but that popped up first and I thought of you.

      1. You’ll do it. You’re obviously very determined, so, yes, you’ll do it.

        Aw, you should have asked. I have TONNES of pics. Odds are, if you’re looking for a particular one, I’ll have it. Still… the one you posted is quite lovely. 🙂

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