Classic Science for Your Sunday Morning Viewing Pleasure

Because I’m sure the question is what do Atheists do with their Sunday mornings, this is what I generally do with mine.


I’ve been starting in on more Sagan lately. YouTube is replete with snippets of his shows and speeches, but I really wanted an actual conversation with him this morning. I was delighted to find this video from 1988. On the heels of watching a debate between William Lane Craig and Richard Dawkins in which Craig accuses Atheists of basically having no hope, I found this a fairly good reply.

Science is a hopeful thing, at least humanist science is. Humanists believe that we will, if we continue to work, find solutions for our problems, and that we can make life better. We know it’s important because we can’t just tell people, well, when you die, things will be better for you. The teaching that one day we’ll just “be with Jesus” so suffering is OK and good while here on earth is very disturbing and depressing and doesn’t spur most people on to find answers. In fact, considering Christ’s command to take no thought for tomorrow, it is decidedly un-Christian to even try.

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