Why I No Longer Call Myself “Feminist”

When I first called myself “feminist,” I was in high school. I was tired of the predominant view among the people in my life that women were not as intelligent, were weak, were too emotional…well, you get the picture.

I left feminism when I re-joined the church in my late teens. The church made the patriarchy sound so appealing. See, the problem with patriarchy wasn’t patriarchy, it was that people did it wrong, and, especially, that women didn’t want to submit. And, gee, isn’t that root cause of every problem in the family and society today? As someone desperate for a place in this world, I swallowed it hook, line, and sinker, hoping the church’s teachings would be the thing to save me and my future family.

We are all aware how that turned out.

Now that I have rejected completely and, unless I have a frontal lobotomy, forever anything and everything to do with patriarchy, I find I cannot consider myself a feminist. Feminism has changed, and should find another name to call itself.

Feminism was rejected by conservatives and fundamentalists because it went against the teachings of their holy book, the Bible. It sought to create a world where men and women would be viewed and treated equally. First, with the right to vote, later, for equal wages; feminism fought for equality for each person. Feminists fought the belief that one group of people was superior to the other based only the gender they were assigned at birth.

Now, though, that is no longer what feminism stands for. It has been hijacked by people who want one set of rules for one group of people and another for another group of people. For white women, they demand equality, against Christianity, they rail and cry “unfair.” For everyone else, well, as the famous meme says, “Hijab is empowering.”

It all makes me want to puke.

I have long thought that our view of religion in this country was odd. Bad=white people and religion. Good=all other races and religion. And now, with the fear of Islam, it has completely come out in the open. Respect Islam, we are commanded. Hell, Berkeley dis-invited Richard Dawkins because he speaks out against all religion equally, that includes Islam.

Women in Muslim countries everywhere are being murdered and raped and imprisoned and we in America carry signs that say, “Hijab is empowering.”

How is hijab empowerment but so-called biblical, wifely submission abuse?

Only one way, folks, most Muslims are not white. White people are apparently to be viewed a superior to all others, therefore they are the ones who can embrace science and skepticism. Anyone with darker skin should keep their quaint, if abusive, religions, because it’s a part of their culture.

I met a fellow online who called himself an egalitarian. For now, I guess I’ll go with that.

I don’t care what religion it is, or what color the skin, if we do not fight the dominance of a gender or race, if we do not stand up for those women’s rights the same as we stand for white women’s rights, we cannot call ourselves feminists. But, we do. We seem to have adopted the religious bourgeoisie use of language, a thing Orwell called “newspeak.” Feminism no longer means equality for all, it now means equality for white, non-Muslim, women only. I cannot be a part of that.

If you want a good article on the subject, click the image below. Folks, we should call into question any religion where the fundamentalists are claiming a two-year-old girl’s body is a sex organ.


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