Sometimes You’re the Windshield, Sometimes You’re the Bug

Two weeks ago the kids and I made our first trip to UCSB Marine Science Institute.

This portion is a nice little place you can take the kids for free on Saturday morning.

I cannot begin to express how excited I was to be there. This campus couldn’t get any better unless it was actually in the ocean itself, under a dome, where you could look out your window and watch the fish swim by. 🙂

We went down to the beach, which, in case it’s not clear, the campus is basically sitting on.

It was really a wonderful day. And when we were finished we began to make our way back home.

Uh, home was where should have gone, not Motel 6. But the van had other plans and croaked in a Target parking lot in Camarillo…at 5pm on Saturday night, of course.

The tow truck driver was kind enough to drive us to the motel where we took baths and redressed into our dirty clothes…yuck.

The next morning I used my data (Motel 6 has shit for WiFi) to research transmission places and to find, amazingly, a car rental place that was open on Sunday morning.

And that was that. We came home and…I accidentally cracked the screen on my laptop.

Oh, and the refrigerator door broke so we keep it shut by putting a chair in front of it.

Yeah, it was one of those weeks.

This sort of week makes me happy I’m an Atheist. I don’t have to wonder if some deity is cursing me with the bad, or blessing me with the good (the rental place was next door to the motel so I didn’t have to get an Uber to get there). It’s just life. Period.

Instead we enjoyed a nice evening watching Wreck It Ralph and then MG and I had a good walk to Coffee Bean and Vons.

Was it stressful? Uh, duh. But it was nothing like it is when you have to wonder what bad thing you did that made some invisible guy who claims to love you to instead beat you.

Life just is. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes some of those things are directly related to your decisions, sometimes they just are, no qualifications. There are things we should spend a lot of our time contemplating: the fact that the US has an $18 trillion GDP and yet a 21% child poverty rate, or that 25% of the world’s prisoners are imprisoned in this country…both these things making us more closely related to Middle Eastern countries than to our European “cousins.” Wondering how we pissed an unproven diety off this week is not.

So, live life, care for others, and stop worrying that some magic sky fairy is going to get you for that bad thought you had about your boss last week.

My motto, from The Bug (covered by Mary Chaplin Carpenter: )

You gotta know happy

You gotta know glad

Coz you’re gonna know lonely

And you’re gonna know sad

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