Day Five:Almost There

Spent most of today potting plants.

We used a few seeds, but most was pre-started and bought at Home Depot. I’ve been there three days in a row and will be back tomorrow.

I gave myself some room to finish by not scheduling anything for the weekend as far as the yard. That made today a lot less stressful when the trash was already full and only half the trash was in it (won’t be picked up until next Friday). I also still don’t have all the wood chips on the yard, but my goal is to be done by Monday so I’m still on track to finish.

Today was easier than yesterday. I had a lot of crap happen the last two days so it was rough. Keeping busy keeps me from getting lost in it, but it doesn’t stop it all from affecting me.

This morning I started watching a documentary when I woke. I usually just veg for like an hour. It may just be the circumstance of no one being in school today that made that possible. We’ll see what happens after we all get back to it. I will probably find Pet Rescue far more enticing than anything educational at that point. 🙂

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