Day Six: Saturday is Car Day

Not a ton of stuff in the yard today. It’s Saturday, so MG and I clean the car. And by clean, I mean detail.

We start at 7am and usually finish by 10am. Detailing takes time, folks, but it’s worth it. I could probably do more but MG would rebel. 🙂

There is something completely satisfying to me about detailing a car that cleaning house just doesn’t accomplish. But I love cars more than houses so maybe that’s the thing. I hadn’t done any detailing in years before I got the new van and it was difficult at the beginning to get back into it. Now, though, the shine of the chrome makes it worth it.

Had to take pics in the dark because I forgot to earlier. It’s Saturday, so I went out…to Home Depot and Target. Because, ya know, I just don’t spend enough time there. Truth is, I hate shopping, so I stick with what I already know I can bear. And Barnes & Noble is too far. 🙂

I finished the herb garden. The pictures are a little hard to see.

The reason there is a gap at the end is that I bought a mini pumpkin plant so I’m going to grow it that direction, if it ever gets hot enough to grow pumpkins. God, when I moved here, the heat in May was unbearable. Actually, the heat every month was atrocious. Now, it’s 68 on Memorial Day weekend.

My find of the day was Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark audiobook on YouTube for free. (Click on photo for link.)

I love Carl. I love Carl more than I love my car. 🙃

I had some deep thoughts I was pondering about my rebirth as it relates to detailing cars, but I’ve been up since 4am, so I’ll save that for some other Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Day Six: Saturday is Car Day

  1. tayryn says:

    Nice job on the vehicle!! Wanna come help me do my Jeep? Only thing, tis a tad awkward with the doors off. lol Makes hosing down interesting. Seriously though, nice job!!

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