Day Six? No, Day Seven.

I’m tired. One more day, but the most difficult thing tomorrow will be the windows. Today we put the rest of the bark on the yard. In one week, the pile of wood chips on my drive has gone from the size of my mini-van to nothing.

I don’t take before pics, btw. I think the reason for that is they deter me. Really, if there is a before pic and an after pic it just makes me not want to do it. I think the mess bothers me too much.

Sunday is our Rad day and our Target day. Got busy discussing the new iOS with MG so I forgot to take a picture at Rad.

I also like to find Carl Sagan stuff to watch on Sunday. I was bummed to discover that yesterday’s find of The Demon-Haunted World was full of problems. 😦 Today’s has not disappointed, however. It was actually filmed the year I was born but before we landed on the moon. So Jan or Feb of 69. (Click on photo for link.)

Here are the rest of the pics.

Those two pics are of the wood chips on the lawn, nothing more. I think I’ll need to plant a little more in front, but for now, we’re good.

Tomorrow is the final day…then, the beach. 🏖

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