Vacation 2018: Day 1

In shocking news, we are at San Luis Obispo for vacation. Unlike last year, when we were in San Luis Obispo. 😉

The kids like it here. There’s Black Horse Coffee and a really cool candy shop. Other things too, but I’m pretty sure those top their list.

We started…after several pit stops and an adventure at Warner Bros Studio…at our beach.

The water was super clear today so not a whole lot of interesting things floating around, but the tide went out enough for us to find some anemones.

I made it down and up the hill at the beach with no problem this year. I guess all that yard work last week paid off.

There was no fire this year so we went up through Los Padres and stopped by a scenic spot. Note: This was a separate fire from the famous one last December. We have four seasons in Cali, one of them is fire season. Like all our seasons, it’s year round.

We finally arrived at SLO and unpacked the van. Completely. Because I will not be able to handle going until Saturday with a car full of sand I will take it first thing tomorrow to a car wash.

Now, I think I shall sleep…after I go to Target to pick up the stuff we forgot. 🤦‍♀️

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