Vacation 2018: Day Two

Mostly pics because we had a very long day and I’m really tired.

This is my vacation read. My goal is to finish it by Sunday night. It’s pretty good but is going to get weepy.

MG today…and four years ago at Black Horse.

Look, there was a ton of sand in my car and I didn’t think to bring my vacuum.

The vase below is the one above. BC was only four in that pic.

The Atheist child at prayer. 😉 I explained what the little bars were for (they thought they were foot rests…mind you they attended Lutheran School) and BC wanted to demonstrate.

Below is a pic from just about the same spot four years ago.

Above, four years ago.

I’m serious about finishing this book.

When I found out Ron Howard directed Solo, I broke my Star Wars boycott. The kids enjoyed it.

I enjoyed this Nova presentation about Einstein better. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Vacation 2018: Day Two

  1. tayryn says:

    What’s the book about? (then again, I suppose I could just look it up, but that would be WAY too easy!) Don’t blame you at all about running the van through the car wash. I need to vacuum my Jeep. Problem with no doors and parking near a tree that likes to shed… so many stupid little leaves all over my carpet. Drives me batty!!

    • sarasamomx5 says:

      It’s about a 19yo guy who falls in love 49yo married woman. But it’s not a romance. The author has an amazing insight that is usually lacking in this type of story. I’ll review it when I’m finished on Sunday.

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