Almost Back to School

So many bugs, so little time. That was my attitude about the van this morning so MG and I took it down to the car wash. It is nice, but the rims are starting to spot so I’ll be back at it next Saturday.

I had hoped to get my room organized by Monday before school starts. I should have known better. I went into it with only a vague notion of what I wanted to do. Hard to get things done quickly that way. It’s also difficult to guess how long you’ll be at it. Fortunately, I had an alarm set for my evening activities so I didn’t miss them.

I decided that what the room needed was more shelves. Ran down to Target to get some. This is the interesting result.

The white shelves I had already. I got the brown because they fit my vinyl. I’m fairly happy with the result. I’m also fairly sure this will be a summer long activity. There is just no way I can complete my entire room AND get all the other things I need to do done by Monday.

In the evening I went to a Pub Game Night. It was fun. Hung out with some people we’d picnicked with a few mo the ago. It was just nice to get out for a while. My goal is to go to one meeting per month. It’s just a matter of when I’ll have time. I had tried to start this last year, but school started and I had no time. Hopefully I can stay on top of the homework and do more this year. We’ll see.

I shall now sleep because I do not know what I am writing anymore. 😴

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