Summer School: Week 1

Monday: Aaaahhhh!!!! I’m already behind and it’s only the first day.

Tuesday: What was I thinking? Maybe everyone was right, it’s too much to take Chem in the summer.

Wednesday: OK. Let’s skip the chapter we’re behind on and save that for the weekend. Let’s just study for today’s class.

Thursday: Answered more questions correct in class than that annoying old guy who thinks he’s going to teach the professor. Yeah, I got this. 🙂

What is it with old people and thinking that just cuz they’re old they know more than anyone? Fortunately, I’m mentally about 19, and, after last term, I am fully aware of my stupidity. I am not smarter than my professors…except that English prof. I am totally smarter than her. 😑 So was half the class.

Yes, I made it through the first week of summer school. I kinda like it. It’s very fast paced so you can’t sit back on your laurels and find yourself behind half way through the term.

I’ve never seen a study group form so fast. I’ve also never seen a group of people make more use of the success center. If we had an SI, they’d get 24 in attendance every session.

That’s the other nice thing. There are only 24 students allowed in the class due to the constraints of the lab. That makes it even better because we all kind of group up real quickly and get to know everyone.

The professor is interesting. I have a hard time understanding him. I swear he’s saying “popcorn” slides, not “PowerPoint.” But he makes everyone in class answer questions. This will hopefully force people to actually study. Most science teachers are lecture only. Some are starting to do that student-led stuff that just doesn’t work in the STEM classes. I like this professor’s method.

On Monday afternoon, I took MG and Spock to the library to sign up for the summer reading program.

We got some free books out of it…and I signed up too. They said I could count my Chem book as reading.

On Tuesday, MG and Spock had parent teacher conferences for the new school year. MG will be in high school. He and Spock will be taking Bio together.

In the evening, I took B and BC to the library for the little kid program.

They watched a magician while I read a book. Works for me.

At 1am on Wednesday, I woke up and refused to go back to sleep. So, I finished my book at 3:30, then wrote an initial review and went back to sleep at 4. My alarm went off at 5:30. Have I mentioned my love for caffeine?

Having finished one book, I needed to get into another.

All that 80s nostalgia might make my brain explode, though.


This is pretty much what I do maybe four hours a day…that’s just homework, not class and lab time.

The planters are coming along, except the seeds. We might have to reseed the lettuces.

I am obviously not going into science book illustration for a career.

What lab looked like today…we created light. 😉

I’m sure there’s more, but my brain figured out there’s no school tomorrow and is shutting down.

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