A Birthday at Santa Barbara Zoo

(All zoo trips must include taking a photo of flamingoes. Or, maybe just if you grew up going to the San Diego Zoo.)

Today was BC’s 9th birthday so we drove up to the Santa Barbara Zoo. It’s a nice little zoo, easy to cover the whole grounds long before closing.

Started with a train ride around the park.

Saw the elephants (my fave).

Enjoyed the view from various spots inside the zoo.

This is California sledding or possibly grass surfing.

Rode a tortoise.

Learned about our family tree. (Hint: We are of European descent so we are 98% Homosapien and 2% Neanderthal .)

Watched a lion take a nap. (We did see it walking earlier during our train ride.)

Pretended to be a scarecrow.

Saw a dinosaur.

Added a new baby to our troupe. (The flamingo.)

Went to Rocket Fizz Santa Barbara.

And added yet another baby. The long desired Rainbow Dash. (Note: He almost wore his Rainbow Dash costume to the zoo.)

Went to Goleta Beach to play on the play ground.

And enjoy the view. (That’s UCSB.)

And read.

On the way home we ran into LA traffic. Yes, it was so bad the app thought we’d parked on the freeway.

It was a great day. A little weird at the beginning in that new things terrify me, but I was never terrified by this. Just got in the car, drove to the zoo, entered, walked around, did a lot of other driving afterwards, with never a hint of fear. I’m fairly certain I’ve never lived a day like that before.

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