Summer School: Week Two

This is how I begin each day. Good thing I like science because summer school feels test heavy. Three this last week. Fortunately, just quizzes. Next Monday we’ll have our first exam.

I got BC some books for his birthday. This one, Grandmother Fish, is a nicely illustrated, easily comprehensible introduction to evolution for little kids.

Have I mentioned that chemistry is my life? Well, in case you didn’t catch that…

This is one of the other books I got for BC.

The other part of my life, which is quite small, includes early morning watering in my front yard. It looks like it’s starting to pay off. I have two flowers on my pumpkin and several on my tomatoes and peppers.

I finished The Making of the Fittest this week. Then I had to fret over which book I’d get next. I have no idea why it worries me when I pick out an audio book. 🤪 I chose The Age Of Genius by AC Grayling.

You know, I hardly bother with my calendar now. It’s one extra step that would take a couple minutes at each end. I just use post its on the front inside of my binder. It also has the impetus of necessity the comes from having flagged something.

But, just in case you think my life is boring. We do always have the threat of death having over us in lab…apparently.

We had to evacuate on Thursday. Some sort of gas got into the air system in a few of the buildings.

This sort of thing would have been awesome when I was in high school. In college it’s annoying as hell. We were in the middle of an experiment and it’s quite possible that this effected the results. :/

Well, I have an exam to study for. Need to hold on to my A. It’s not a gimme at all. I think right now it’s closer to an A-. 😩 I wonder what my high school teachers would say if they knew how obsessed with my grades I am now.

(Shameless excuse to use a James Bond gif.)

Let’s end this week’s update with my current theme song,set to Marvel because Infinity Wars has reignited my interest in the franchise:

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