Summer School: Week Four

Gonna be frank, this week sucked, but that was entirely unrelated to school. School just sucked as a result.

It’s frustrating to have your kids calling you in the middle of lab while they are in a completely other part of the state, supposedly supervised by a certain other adult (I do so hate to name-drop) and you have to parent because apparently this is something you alone are capable of.

I’ll just chalk it up to Atheists being better parents. 😉

Seriously, though. The longer I’m an Atheist the better parent/person I become. I’m much more calm and less reactionary than I used to be and I hope that will continue to improve even more as the years go by.

Alright, back to school…sort of.

Bright and early Monday morning, the kids were up and out the door, headed for camping up north of Eureka.

Found this guy living under the booster seat. He tried to move into the house. I scared him off with my iPhone.

Did some really cool labs this week.

Did homework.

Had a pop quiz. (And other quizzes…it’s summer school–tests are a near daily thing. In fact, we have two on Monday.)

Listened to some awesome music.

Took notes the new-fangled way.

Took a morning break to enjoy the sunrise and a good book.

Ended the week with a trip to the cinema. I don’t usually go by myself. I also don’t usually go to anything but matinees. I about had a heart attack when I found out the price.

Anyway, the Mr. Rogers documentary was great. I’ll try to write up a review tomorrow after I deal with the emotional fallout. I knew I was going to cry but still…

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