Summer School: Week Five

I’ve said it before and I will say it forever: Finish school and have a life before you have kids.

This last week was decidedly the fallout from the week before. I’ve never received such low marks. Now I will have to pull myself back to the A I’ve had all term until now.

One exam and two quizzes this week did not make for a good follow up while I was still trying to recover from the previous one. While these short classes (8 weeks) are great in most cases, the draw back is you can’t afford a bad week.

On Tuesday, MG & Spock started back to school. MG is in high school now. 😩

Bought myself some cartoon comfort on Tuesday. I love Sing. I’m pretty sure this movie is to blame for me quitting my job and going back to school.

On Tuesday night. Braniac and I did some stargazing and saw Jupiter and Saturn.

Wednesday was the 4th, so we went to see a movie.

I spent the rest of the day doing homework and contemplating.

We did a lab this week that had pipettes in the instructions but no need for them. We are all of the consensus that someone needs to edit and rewrite the manual.

I need this.

But I don’t need this.

That was my week. Not much to write home about, for sure. Three more weeks to pull it off. If I live through this I’ll deserve a medal…or at least a trip to Barnes & Noble.

It’s all a learning experience, I keep telling myself. But that doesn’t seem to make it any less stressful.

At times like this there really is only one thing to do…

Watch James Bond fan vids like this one. Oh, and look, the second best Bond girl ever. (That would be Pam. Best is, obviously, Olivia.)

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