Sunday Speculation: Heat

I suppose there’s some deep analogy I could think up comparing something meaningful with this gawdawful heatwave we are experiencing. Let’s see, something along the lines of “it doesn’t matter how long I live here or how much I like it here, I’ll never get used to or be able to tolerate the heat.” That means something, I’m sure.

It’s always interested me how different people handle the same situation. There are people who like this weather. Really, they even will admit it publicly. They are that proud. Shameful. I think there’s a problem when it’s 95 in my bedroom at midnight.

I’d move to Norway, but there is no sun in the winter and I’ve BTDT and refuse to repeat that failed experiment, even with mega doses of vitamin D. But there are people who have no problem. Or else, we’d have no Norwegians.

Then there are those who thrive on stress. What is up with that? I used to think I was someone like that. Then I sat back and examined it a little deeper and realized I am totally not. Stress just stresses me out and I do one of two things, I yell and get angry, or I shut down completely.

I think I just lost my analogy…have I mentioned that it’s really, really hot?

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