Summer School: Week Six


It’s been miserably hot here since last Thursday. Without a/c it’s pretty unbearable. On Saturday night I took the kids to B&N because it’s open until 11. It was still near 100 in the house when we got home.

I lost a lot of plants to the heat as well, both inside and out. This included my fave houseplant. 😦 No pics. I don’t take pics of dead things. But trust me, it’s depressing. :/

The most memorable moment was the 4am earthquake. Not sure which day it was, just that it was really hot.

What I learned this week in Chemistry…there is way more involved than they tell you in intro. And I’m not especially good at labs. I think the latter would be easier if the prof would explain it better, or if the lab manual would. The consensus among the class is the prof’s teaching method is “figure it out yourself.” Makes us wonder exactly what we’re paying all that money for.

So, I’m off to spend the weekend teaching myself Chem 1, because that’s what you do when you have a bad prof but you need to pass.

It was muggy as well, which meant the sunrises were pretty.

The weeds that are unwatered grew very nicely.

And I started listening to a new book.

Only two weeks left. Here’s the schedule for next week:

And then, it’s finals week.

PS Wreck It Ralph 2 is on it’s way. I guess all the news is not bad.

2 thoughts on “Summer School: Week Six

  1. tayryn says:

    *fans you* I love the heat – I can’t lie. I do. After months of snow, ice, and cold, frigid weather, I look forward to summer. To the heat. But I hate the humidity. I live in the most southern part of Canada – and we get some nice, hot summers; though I know still not as hot as some. And we have Central Air… so… I can escape the humidity. I wish you could.

    Sorry about your plants. 😦

    Whoa on the earthquake!! o_O

    Sorry your Chem prof is such an ass. Teachers like that are awful.

    Good luck with finals!! 🙂

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